EZY-Guard is the most recent innovation in W-Beam guardrail barriers. EZY-Guard utilises a mild steel z-post and carriage to eliminate the need for blocking pieces and stiffeners as part of the guardrail system. Resistance tabs on the posts control the release of the guardrail from the safety barrier system.

EZY-Guard provides a more forgiving impact than traditional w-beam guardrail systems. Its unique design produces superior results in terms of the containment and re-direction of impacting vehicles. EZY-Guard imposes lower forces on impacting vehicles, ensuring occupants experience a softer ride-down.

EZY-Guard is a narrow barrier with the EZY-Guard SMART having a system width of 200mm.

EZY-Guard Heavy Duty is 250mm wide and is used in areas where the hazard is in close proximity to the actual barrier.

Advantages of EZY-Guard:

• Fully Crash Test Compliant to MASH TL3 (update to NCHRP 350 TL3)
• Safer Option
• Motorcycle Friendly
• Compatible for use with all w-beam end terminals
• Narrow Width Barrier
• Fewer components ensuring rapid installation
• Cost savings