Wire Rope Safety Barrier Terminals

Standard End Terminals

Standard End Terminals are designed to provide the necessary longitudinal support for a wire rope safety barrier ensuring the barrier is able to redirect a vehicle impacting its Length of Need. Although the design of these systems are such that they prevent snagging and vehicle launching, the terminals have not been subject to full scale crash testing.

They can be used on departure sides of wire rope safety barriers, outside the clear zone of opposing traffic.








Test Level 3 End Terminals

TL3 end terminals are designed to provide a soft gating impact to prevent vehicles from launching or snagging upon impact. The release of the cables at the end anchor location (upon impact) is the most popular way this is achieved with various wire rope safety barrier systems.

FLEXFENCE utilises posts at reduced spacings to minimise the angle at which the cables are terminated, thus reducing the potential for launching and vehicle rollover.


















Non-Release Terminals

A recent development has been the introduction of non-release terminals. These TL3 approved terminals have proven not to release the cables during full scale crash testing.

Non-release terminals ensure the barrier system remains tensioned and functional in the event of secondary impacts occurring downstream from the end anchor.

This is of particular value in median applications with high vehicular traffic and a history of cross over accidents. Nuisance impacts would mean that the system remains functional without the need of immediate attention.