Wire Rope Safety Barriers

Wire Rope Safety Barriers are flexible systems that where developed as median barriers in order to prevent vehicles crossing over to the opposite side of the road. Increasingly Wire Rope Safety Barriers are being used in verge applications where the expected deflections of these systems can be accommodated, while still protecting motorists from the hazard.

Wire Rope safety Barriers provide softer ride-down decelerations for vehicle occupants in the event of a crash and are considered “more forgiving” than more rigid systems.

FLEXFENCE® is the most popular Wire Rope Safety Barrier in Australia. This parallel rope system can be installed to meet EN1317 standards, NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 or Test Level 4.

Mechanically swaged stainless steel fittings ensure the reliability and durability of the system.

FLEXFENCE® has been tested as a 3-rope and 4-rope system with post spacing up to 10m.

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