Spring Steel Buffas

Spring Steel Buffas are designed to protect plant and equipment from glancing blows and provide barrier protection for loading docks, car parks, warehouses and other industrial properties. They can handle low speed perpendicular impacts as energy is absorbed by this flexible post system. Energy absorption ensures minimal damage to vehicles, the barrier and the post foundations.
Spring Steel Buffas are manufactured from high-grade spring steel that is heat-treated for added strength and flexibility. The flexibility of the Spring Steel Buffa post reduces the pullout forces on the anchor bolts and hence less bolts are required (only 1 bolt per post). Spring Steel Buffas are designed to meet the loading requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1

Spring Steel Buffas are available with handrail extensions for areas adjacent to walkways / pedestrian traffic.
Anti-climb mesh infill panels can be used in multi-storey applications for added safety.

buffa1 buffa2